It’s Not Fair!? Sounds like a God Tussle

It's Not Fair!


You’re Gonna Tussle with God. And that’s ok.

I know. I’m sorry. It royally stinks. Who wants to tussle with God? We’re supposed to be at peace with God, in complete trust, having faith. Yeah, not today. As Tom Petty sings, “some days are diamonds, some days are dust”. So if you find yourself on a day filled with dust, where you’re parched from the chaos and challenge of life, you’re certifiably, 100%, welcome to share that shidazzle with God.

Yesterday, virtual learning kicked my sense of sanity. Oh, and the day before, and the day before that. Many of us have a job sprung on us that’s in addition to the job(s) we already have. Whether you love or loathe your normal job, it’s a whole **thing** to be given a second one. The customers are mean. My kids personally hold me accountable for the misery of virtual learning. They hold nothing back in sharing their dislike of zoom, online worksheets, and computers for anything other than video games.

For you, it could be your in-law’s nasaly voice on the line, the news article that makes you mad, the hangnail on your pinky toe. Whatever the cause of our unrest, God is interested in, and with us as ever. We often think of God as a peaceful sky. A moment of grace so powerful it shifts your day. God is also there for us to wrestle with, and there is no shame in the ring.

Imagine your child having a really hard day, and not telling you about it because they felt ashamed. While for a moment that actually sounds kind of nice (ha ha), I want to be there for the good stuff, and the hard. If they can’t turn to me when things are challenging, where will they turn? God wants us close by, in communication, sharing and listening to His compassion, guidance and love.

Remember how patient God was with Job? When we limit how much of our difficulty we bring to God, we are limiting what we think God can handle.

We can invite God into all the measures and moments of our day. Maybe God can even be close by for virtual learning meltdowns. When I remember this truth, all the horribles turn into humorous, monstrous attitudes become manageable, and in the whole tussling of it, God stands with me.

Bring your struggles to God, even if you’re angry and certain life’s not fair. He can deal with it, and in the tussle, you’ll see His swift, sure move from the one you’re tussling against to the One who’s tussling beside you, on your team. God is in your corner, no matter what. I prefer God stay close to me in the ring of life, any and every day of the week. If you’re tussling with a challenge, ask God to step in the ring. He’ll be your not-so-secret weapon, and always by your side. Wouldn’t you rather float like Ali’s great butterfly, and sting like a bee? Tussle on, wild ones. Let’s tussle next to, not against, God.


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by Amanda Sturner


A good portion of my life has been sleeping under the stars, climbing mountains, and on the best days, jumping into glacier-fed lakes. On the worst day, my student threw her backpack over and cliff and demanded a helicopter exit from dirty dirt. If you make me laugh until my stomach hurts, we may be friends for a long, long time. read more...


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