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God Swagger Fireworks- Group Coaching

Live at the intersection of God and daily life, on purpose and for real. No room for judgement here; just your unveiled, kind, courageous self. Christianity is the backdrop, and all religions are welcome. It's time to light up your funny, friendly and faith-filled shine.

Every week, we cover topics like, "I'm so sick of fear. How can I lean into more faith?" and "Who forgets about God once they get to work? What can we do?" and "I want to believe more, I just don't know how."

Sound familiar? Thought so.

Free Membership Until May 1st ($99 Savings)

Results you can expect from God Swagger Life

More passion on a day to day basis

Transformation of stress and anxiety

Feel alignment with your purpose

Feel more joyful, connected and alive

Feel deepening connection to God

Feel like you can finally hear what your soul is telling you

Break down stuck patterns that get in the way of you hearing what the divine is telling you

Break blockages and stuck patterns with soul-inspired, intuitive knowing

Make your self-sabotage voice work for and not against you

Soul on fire with confidence and faith

Discover how to feel more alive on a day to day basis


What is it?

A membership group that offers weekly meditations, weekly group coaching calls, access to a private Facebook community, and all of my courses!

Where is it?

We use Zoom for all of our videos and Facebook for the community portion.

What if I can't make it?

All recordings are sent out via email!

What if I don't have Facebook?

Everything will be offered to you via email AND Facebook so you won't miss anything!

Is this a church?


Do I have to believe the same things as the other members? 


It’s never too late to do things differently.

It’s surely never too late to have confidence.