Finding Clarity in a Corona Fog


How to Create Peace During a Pandemic

If you are among the fortunate, and your basic needs are handled, you may find yourself in a Coronavirus Fog. It’s a type of numbness and sleep; confusion and ultimate apathy. You could learn a new language or start that home project. You could redecorate or finally try the plant- based diet. You could, you could… you could. But you don’t want to. You want to sit on the couch and stare into space.

I have found myself in this predicament, more than I’m proud to admit. There are so many things to do and get done. Seriously. As an author, life coach, business owner, wife, mother, exerciser and meditator, I have no shortage of things to do.

It’s not depression, because there isn’t sorrow or feelings of gloom. There’s just the flat line of apathy. The plains where tumbleweeds roll is inviting.

Some friends have shrugged their shoulders in a “well, it is what it is,” kind of sentiment. Others (the rare) are super pumped to make things happen; get them done. To tackle that cluttered closet, feed the homeless and make bunt cakes. They have my admiration, and honestly, my passive surprise. It’s as if I’m watching the doers from afar, casually, emotionally removed. Kind of like seeing Mickey Mouse at Disney World or your neighbor sorting trash from recycling. Expected, uninteresting, and blasé.

I’ve noticed this change because one, it’s not my normal operating mode, and two, it seems to be affecting so very many people. Why the humdrums about the free time? By free time I naturally mean working from home, home schooling, and taking over those oh so lovely services like haircuts and childcare.

It may be that we are overwhelmed by the change of normalcy. We could be subconsciously or consciously praying for the sick and the front liners. Or maybe we just have too many options, and the decisions alone are overwhelming.

In a culture and time of do it and do it quickly; of making every moment count and burning the midnight oil, maybe we just want to rest.

When I hear the early morning spring birds chirping, it’s a bit like coming home to something I forgot. The sunrise, jumping on the trampoline with my kids, having a lighter schedule and going with the flow of what I feel like doing in the moment.

What would God want us to do? Prove ourselves worthy of this free time by doing our best to serve others, and grow as individuals? Is it okay to not learn piano or mandarin? Are naps, and a heaping dose of “eh” okay?

The Bible says for everything there is a season. Seasons are about change. Winter and summer are different. While we’ve never been in this season before, isn’t it okay to welcome it and drink in the slow sips of coffee? The postponing of projects because you just don’t feel like doing them?

Before a new day, in the evening hours, we rest. We close our eyes, bodies and minds. It’s natural, healthy and necessary. Maybe Corona Fog isn’t so foggy at all. Maybe it’s as clear as the skies at night, giving us time to do very little, except take in the stars and put our feet up.

There will be a new day, when things open, energy bursts forth, and action is ignited. Without the night of rest though, of reflection, reaching out, and putting off projects, we wouldn’t grow. Teenagers grow the most at night, as they sleep. If your body, mind and soul want that nighttime rest, let it be.

Jesus taught us to expect the unexpected, and, as an even greater challenge, to set things down and follow him. Set down the business and expectations of progress. It just might be here in the stillness that the fog clears, and we see that bright, crystal clear new day.


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by Amanda Sturner


A good portion of my life has been sleeping under the stars, climbing mountains, and on the best days, jumping into glacier-fed lakes. On the worst day, my student threw her backpack over and cliff and demanded a helicopter exit from dirty dirt. If you make me laugh until my stomach hurts, we may be friends for a long, long time. read more...


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