God Swagger

God Swagger is an Adventure Guide destined to lead you toward living a life of brazen love, confidence and faith. It serves as an integration of Biblical passages, personal experiences and life coaching exercises for the reader. With an informal look at how the Bible describes love, confidence and faith, the author makes religion, and its application to daily life, approachable.

God Swagger takes the often times confusing, formal interpretations of Christianity and God, and makes for a fun, sassy, applicable read. Rather than keep God for Sunday mornings, God Swagger asks the reader to bring God into their everyday lives and hours. Relationships with others and ourselves are looked at through the author's lens of Biblical stories and events. Never judgmental or exclusive, God Swagger is an invitation for us all to live more closely to God in our everyday situation.

The author shares stories from her time as an outdoor guide and life coach. She also shares the thoughts and beliefs she was born with, which result in a healthy does of questioning many of today's assumptions about who God and Jesus are, and what they are really saying to us. God Swagger includes specific ways to connect with the Holy; right here, right now, whether in a business meeting or the car pool line. Everyday situations like errand running, working at the office, and parenting are used as examples of how we can implement and find reprieve in God's teachings.

Religion can, unfortunately, create a sense of unease and lack of belonging for many people. This books serves to welcome all, and create a sense of belonging and connection between God and the reader. God Swagger does not support ideas about bending God into what is convenient and easy for us. Instead, the book describes how we are all already accepted, adored, and perfect in our imperfections. We have every reason to be both brazen and humble in our quest to apply love, confidence, and faith to all aspects of our day. God Swagger helps us see how it is both doable, and imperative, to do.

what readers are saying...

There is no way to read God Swagger in a passive mode. Sturner challenges the reader at every turn to be self honest, self aware and committed to faith, life and love. The God Swagger experience shows how faith offers a full, purposeful, bold life through love of God and others. Sturner beautifully makes her points with fascinating stories, including tales from her years of rock climbing and leading Outward Bound groups on three week backpacking trips in the Montana Rockies.

Thought provoking. Fun. Inspirational. Uplifting. Encouraging. What a fun and easy read. A great reminder that we all have God Swagger. Amanda shows us what it is and how to find it within ourselves.

God Swagger reminds me of how much “Swagger” we have (in certain situations) and how much more we all need in most parts of our lives. This author is amazing! I love her writing style. It’s very clear she is real, honest and vulnerable.

Wonderful stories, delightfully told. It is short enough to read the chapters twice -- first to get the gist and than again to appreciate the writing and pick out the best bits to mark and remember. Without planning to, I've found several different sections, each one perfect to share with this friend or that relative. I think I'm up to three different ways to enjoy this little book, and I won't be surprised if another emerges.

This book is totally delightful. Very thought provoking and a book to be savored and reread.

The humor in this book is contagious.