Hi, I'm Amanda.

It’s time to wake up to God, and the holy, divine, shining spirit running through our veins. We have spent too much time feeling separate from God, wondering whether we’re good enough, doing this right, or even worthy of God’s attention.

It’s time to leave our sacrilegious sleep behind. We are made of love and light; we are made by and through God. To look at ourselves or each other and think, “meh, unimpressive,” is insane.  

As a wilderness guide, I taught students to trust themselves on challenging adventures. Each trip, my heart swelled in awe as people became more of their true selves, and less of who they thought they should be. On clear nights, the sky seemed to hold more stars than dark spaces. God’s beauty was so magnificent I’d have to turn away, then look again.

Star shine and people glow have taught me much. 

Now mostly civilized, I'm a life coach and writer, chasing four wily boys around Charlotte, NC. I look for God's magic in the faces of people.

Igniting the version of yourself that you like best is my mission. Enlivening your connection to God and to your own sassy, brilliant soul is our adventure. Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.